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​​​Nancy Reyes

​​​​​​Nancy Reyes is a Professional Dog Trainer, Business Owner of For Your K9 and

Speaker with 30 years experience in animal behavior, dog sport coaching and

dog training.

Nancy’s training philosophy is focused on developing and strengthening the bond between people and their dogs. She believes that good communication and mutual respect are key for the success of any relationship. Her approach is based on her mentor and teacher, Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training.

Nancy Reyes specializes in both helping dog owners to understand general dog behavior as well as problem behaviors such as aggression and fear-based issues along with helping dog sport enthusiasts be competitive in their respective dog sports. Currently, she is working with nose work competitors at all levels from beginners to dogs competing at the national level. She travels domestically and internationally teaching seminars on nose work, Mental Management for dog sports and animal behavior.

Nancy is a Nose Work trial host, seminar host, NACSW Certifying Official and a Mental Management Certified Instructor. Nancy has 20 plus students that have completed their Elite titles and Elite Championship titles with some competing in the 2017 NACSW Nationals. Nancy is no stranger to competition nerves and understanding dog’s issues. She has rescued 7 dogs of her own and fostered, assessed, and rehabilitated countless dogs.  

She is currently competing in K9 Nose Work with her GSD, Cha Cha at the Elite level and is training two new future nose work competitors, Jive, a black lab and Tango, a GSD.

Nancy is passionate about people and dogs. Her other loves include cooking and being a life long learner.

To contact Nancy Reyes please email nancy@foryourk9.com